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This is the digital home of the ‘Illustrators Journal’ (dot) com, a place where you can  see great art, photography and read insights of the proprietor for those interested in the art of illustration, animation and creative expression through narrative design.

I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the art of illustration and my experience on the road to meeting my expectations and  goals for the future

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A Photoshoot With Moxi

Illustrators Journal:

A truly popular request so one more time…here’s Moxi

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

This photoshoot was a Photo Meetup put together by Will and shot in Bell Gardens.The model “Moxi” is a Suicide Girl model but this was not a Suicide Model shoot. About seven of us attended the shoot and it was a very energetic and fun shoot. The atmosphere was collaborative and very professional. Many kudos to Will the organizer for putting together the shoot and providing lighting and a simple set up.Here are six of the more than a hundred shots I took. Some required retouching ans some were shot in natural light. Two have been manipulated in photoshop. Hope you enjoy. More to come from this collection. All shots were taken by Lon Levin and are exclusive property of Levinland Studio.

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“Hello, this is God speaking…”

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“The healots are coming! The healots are coming!” So said Walter Brennan in Frank Capra’s wonderful movie John Doe with Gary Cooper and my very favorite actress Barbara Stanwyck. In it Cooper plays a ballplayer-turned-hobo , who’ll do anything for three squares and a place to sleep. When newspaper publisher D.B. Norton (Edward Arnold), a fascistic type with presidential aspirations, decides to use Doe (Cooper) as his ticket to the White House, he puts Doe on the radio to deliver inspirational speeches to the masses — ghost-written by Mitchell (Stanwyck), who, it is implied, has become the publisher’s mistress. So when Brennan, who is Cooper’s hobo traveling partner talks about healots he’s talking about Norton and their followers, warning Cooper that he is now part of the corruption.

Ok so what has that got to do with those who would rail against technology taking over our lives, corrupting our souls…

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You’ve Seen Moxi, Now it’s Sara’s Turn


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Enter Sara, a striking swedish model/actress with “Electric Raspberry” hair who is the epitome of a sexy young woman. Though not a Suicide Girl she has all the traits of one.

Here are some gallery shots of this sexy swede.

Our ‘Imperfect’ Kickstarter Appeal

By Gregg Masters

This is from the vault. We posted a crowd fund campaign in 2012 to attract support in our digital presence – both blog and digital magazine. As it turned out we didn’t quite generate the interest (nor cash) we hoped would materialize. None-the-less, here is my partner and creative director extraordinaire last camera’s pitch.

Enjoy! And BTW, if you feel called to support this endeavor or perhaps even join us via joint venture or even underwriter (sole or partial) drop us a line.


The Spirit of Surfing


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SurfingToday TVPrincipally via SurfingToday TV we are celebrating our 5th year of covering the US Open Of Surfing in Huntington Beach.  Some of that coverage is reflected in the volume embedded below with surfing and other ambient vibe stills taken in and out of the waters of ‘Surf City’ Pier.

Most of the shots were taken at various competitions, except for a few training sessions at Trestles and stills of [then] ‘upcoming’ stars like Lakey Peterson and Malia Manuel at the Super Girl competition at Oceanside Pier.XanateMedia | Digital Media Specialists

This year Gregg ‘the duke’ Masters and I will once again be at the Open covering all events with photography, blogging and video.

For more visit SurfingToday TV our brand spanking new website (actually a rebrand of @SurfGeekTV or XanateMedia and be sure to follow us on twitter via @TIjournal.
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Does Nudity In Artwork Promote Sexual Discrimination?

Illustrators Journal:

a review of a very interesting editorial

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:


As part of my mission to bring artwork and art related subject matter to you the reader, I look for interesting issues about the art world. Some of the time I am stunned by what I read and this case I found about sexual harassment in the workplace fits that bill. Seriously folks, this is 2013, and this is clearly a piece of fine art and not some taudry, exploitive piece of porn created to excite the “senses”.

But judge as you will I am only the messenger.

The Issue: Sexual Harassment and Artistic Expression

In 1964, Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which, among other things, prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, and gender. Since its passage, courts have interpreted gender discrimination to encompass sexual harassment in the workplace. Two types of sexual harassment may constitute violations of Title VII: harassment that involves…

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