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To view online veLEVINLAND PROMO MAG.v2rsion of the LevinLand Magazine Portfolio click on cover or here.

This is the digital home of the ‘Illustrators Journal’ (dot) com, a place where you can  see great art, photography and read insights of the proprietor for those interested in the art of illustration, animation and creative expression through narrative design.

I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the art of illustration and my experience on the road to meeting my expectations and  goals for the future

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The Spirit of Surfing


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SurfingToday TVPrincipally via SurfingToday TV we are celebrating our 5th year of covering the US Open Of Surfing in Huntington Beach.  Some of that coverage is reflected in the volume embedded below with surfing and other ambient vibe stills taken in and out of the waters of ‘Surf City’ Pier.

Most of the shots were taken at various competitions, except for a few training sessions at Trestles and stills of [then] ‘upcoming’ stars like Lakey Peterson and Malia Manuel at the Super Girl competition at Oceanside Pier.XanateMedia | Digital Media Specialists

This year Gregg ‘the duke’ Masters and I will once again be at the Open covering all events with photography, blogging and video.

For more visit SurfingToday TV our brand spanking new website (actually a rebrand of @SurfGeekTV or XanateMedia and be sure to follow us on twitter via @TIjournal.
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Does Nudity In Artwork Promote Sexual Discrimination?

Illustrators Journal:

a review of a very interesting editorial

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:


As part of my mission to bring artwork and art related subject matter to you the reader, I look for interesting issues about the art world. Some of the time I am stunned by what I read and this case I found about sexual harassment in the workplace fits that bill. Seriously folks, this is 2013, and this is clearly a piece of fine art and not some taudry, exploitive piece of porn created to excite the “senses”.

But judge as you will I am only the messenger.

The Issue: Sexual Harassment and Artistic Expression

In 1964, Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which, among other things, prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, and gender. Since its passage, courts have interpreted gender discrimination to encompass sexual harassment in the workplace. Two types of sexual harassment may constitute violations of Title VII: harassment that involves…

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A Word With Photographer Tony Donaldson

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

tony-300x199 I’ve known Tony Donaldson for a few years and he has taught me a lot about photography. I’ve marveled at some of the techniques and action shots I’ve seen and his constant search to do better. You can read more about Tony is this Spring’s edition of LPIK Photography. In the meantime here is an interview Tony gave to me a few weeks ago which I found fascinating.

How did your parents influence you as a young creative ? Were they encouraging?

My parents encouraged me and my sister in our creative pursuits. My sister was big into dance and painting, she’s now a jewelry maker. I grew up with several creative outlets, from Lego to BMX freestyle to creating/improving computer games. We were encouraged to use our imagination a lot, we didn’t have money to spend on many of the toys we wanted. Imagination is often better than…

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The New LPIK Spring Issue is OUT!

Illustrators Journal:

Great Interviews, photos and more!

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

A while back I started adding photography to the mix of this blog and it has gotten a lot of positive response. That led me to creating LPIK a magazine portfolio for me and some friends. Soon I added interviews and it became a pub on it’s own. This first issue of LPIK features three photographers who I admire greatly. Two, Justin Rosenberg and Tony Donaldson are friends who I’ve work with extensively. They are both enormously creative and have taught me a lot about how to shoot, when to shoot and what to do after you shoot. Each are unique in their own way but both are similar in the love they have for shooting. The third photographer interviewed in this issue is James Vaughan who is simply a marvelous talent who combines art and photography in a way that is unique and highly conceptual. When I saw his…

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Old and New Nudes

Illustrators Journal:

Nice viewing for a weekend

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

Is there a change in the way we see our photos and our work over time. In looking at the nudes I’ve shot of models, teachers, girlfriends and the like I see a definite thread throughout my work. I have serious regard for the female form and how I depict it. The emotion the excitement and the passion is always there for me and the respect for the woman I photograph whether it’s a suicide girl, a fashion model, movie star or a friend.

sexy beach girl.lr


nude suicide girl.LR

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I’m Neutered And I’m Happy

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It’s real important to spay and neuter your dog or cat. It’s also the mindful thing to do if you are frequenting parks or beaches where dogs interact. No one wants your dog’s puppies or your cat’s kittens to care for especially if they cannot find homes for them. And it’s the best thing we can do for our best friends. So many homeless pets to be are out there waiting to be loved. We do not need anymore.

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Special Fall ‘Art As Message’ Edition Out!

Illustrators Journal:

Gr8 article about Regina Holiday and her “Walking Gallery” She continues her fight as a medical activist fighting for better care by speaking and painting murals.

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

By Gregg Masters

@TIJournal is pleased to release our fall edition of the Illustrators Journal. This is a special compilation featuring ‘art as message’ as expressed principally through the work of Regina Holliday, a dynamic medical muralist and tireless patient advocate.

Regina’s art and message make for a compelling combination! Driven by a personal and potentially avoidable family ‘medical mis-adventure’ and subsequent traumatic loss of her husband, life parter and best friend, she’s a woman now on a mission to change (‘heal’) our fragmented, inaccessible, expensive, and too often failing ‘sick care’ non-system. Regina is a powerhouse with an at times disturbing yet candid message that is resonating with many both stateside as well as across the pond and beyond.

For more information on Regina, her art, and the emergence of the ‘Walking Gallery’, click here. Meanwhile the complete ‘digi-magazine’ can be viewed here.


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INhumanity Series


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Out of some of the work I’ve been doing with a good friend and USC’s School of gerontology emerged these pieces of artwork. I was unsure what kind of affect they would have on people until I posted a few on my Facebook page

I am now convinced I should continue my efforts. It is important to remind people that many people suffer around the world. Some of the suffering is inhuman and it is up too us to keep it in front of everyone so they don’t forget. The fact that torture and suffering still goes on all over the world is reason enough to find new ways to confront the issue. It’s certainly a strange endeavor to paint scenes of these horrors but every new way of presenting it to you the audience is important. Hopefully someone is touched and in their own way is moved to act or speak up.


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