The Art of Creativity with Dave Zaboski



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by Lon Levin

I received a heads-up from my business partner Gregg Masters who recently attended the Exponential Medicine conference at the Hotel Del in Coronado. Gregg told me about an artist who trained at my alma mater the Art Center College of Design who is also a talented illustrator by the name of Dave Zaboski aka @cre8tivealchemy.

Dave will be presenting a version of the talk he gave at Exponential Medicine on the art of creativity and we are pleased to live stream that session here at as well as via the Illustrators Journal.





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Christmas Carol Illustrations We Like

Illustrators Journal:

Christmas art we love

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

artwork from R. Zemeckis movieThe Journal loves great illustration and especially at this time of year, great Christmas illustrations. So here goes, a few, a very few great and iconic Christmas illustrations to celebrate this time of year. The first piece is a promotional illustration from the movie, “A Christmas Carol” by Robert Zemeckis. Though the movie got panned for lifeless dead eye animation, this piece of art works quite well as a singular piece of art.

John Leech illustration from a Christmas Carol

illustration by John Leech

The second illustration is by John Leech and is a classic piece of artwork from the original book written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Most of the artwork is in Black and white with a few color plates. The images created in this book by Leech are iconic and have influenced every illustrator who ever created artwork for the book after him.

illustration by Brett Helquist

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Innovation: What’s it all about?

Illustrators Journal:

Always good to question and deep dig into creativity

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

The most important thing is not to never fall, it is to rise again after every fall. Old Chinese saying

What does imagination, creativity have to do with innovation?  Like the rest of you I’m trying to connect the dots to find the elusive holy grail of a great idea supported by great artwork and great promotion of that which one would assume means success on various levels. The most important of which is obtaining a goal you set for yourself.

In that quest I’ve fallen, stumbled, tumbled and made so many mistakes and wrong turns it’s amazing that I continue to try. But like the proverb says rising after each fall and trying again is the key to succeeding. Like Edison said I didn’t fail 10,000 times to create a workable light bulb, I found 10,000 ways that it won’t work. (something like that)

So I discovered the following…

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Porn or Art

Illustrators Journal:

I read an article in the LA Times about Sexual Harassment in the armed services which made me think of this article I published a while back. It’s more relevant than ever. In this age of Selena Gomez and Arianna Grande sexing it up as well as gulp…Taylor Swift I’m of the opinion that marketing and commerce is exploiting these women more than ever to sell music specifically and/or a lifestyle or a way to look at women. As of yet I haven’t seen one major star come out against this. They may talk sporadically about the exploitation but money and power speak and as long as the payday is huge it looks like we are too far down the path to stop the exploitation which feeds the beast.

The only female that come to my mind who took a step towards stopping this is Jamie Lee Curtis. More should follow her lead and not the Kim Kardasian’s of the world.

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:


Are nude photos art or is any nude photography actually porn? It’s a debate that rages among photographers and the general public. There are strong arguments on both sides of the issue and opinions vary across cultures of course.

I’m torn on this. However, I think photography is porn when it specifically created to drive sales of pornographic material and to be used as a sexual stimulant for men or women. There’s a fine line between degradation of nudity for profit or for art. The intent is at question and sometimes it’s hard to decipher. Each of us need to draw our own conclusions. Regardless porn to stimulate and not harm is different from porn meant to inflict harm and to stimulate those feelings of degradation that cause humans to feel hostility, power and control over another human being. That’s where I draw the line.

Porn and Art Defined


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The Pirates and the Pig

Illustrators Journal:

As a tribute to Halloween past I offer up this sketch “The Pirates and the Pig”

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

The words Pirates and the pig popped into my head. I thought perhaps it could be a story so I started to sketch. I seem like an interesting start then I had a problem with the way i was sketching out the characters then I liked it then I started to figure out the story then I stopped. Then sketch was done, I liked it but had no story., So maybe in the future it’ll come to me. But for now it’s have to be “The Pirates and the Pig” sketch.

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Racism, Bigotry, Terrorism, Extremism,Poverty…


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Here is a series of paintings I’ve done to bring attention to some of the injustices humans still perpetrate on other humans. We need to wake up. It sounds corny but to quote the Beatles,…”All you need is love.”



Storygrams™, my latest endeavor


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This gallery contains 9 photos.

Last night the Jewish Community Foundation celebrated the 25th anniversary of it’s CEO Marvin Schotland’s tenure and the Foundation’s 60th …

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Latest Art From Fantasy Master Ben Wootten

Illustrators Journal:

One of the most imaginative artists around. Whether it’s monsters, superheroes or crazy villains Ben does it all.

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

I love this piece by Ben Wootten. It was used as header art on a website. Also check out this link for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event past and coming up. Great stuff.

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