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By Gregg Masters

@TIJournal is pleased to release our fall edition of the Illustrators Journal. This is a special compilation featuring ‘art as message’ as expressed principally through the work of Regina Holliday, a dynamic medical muralist and tireless patient advocate.

Regina’s art and message make for a compelling combination! Driven by a personal and potentially avoidable family ‘medical mis-adventure’ and subsequent traumatic loss of her husband, life parter and best friend, she’s a woman now on a mission to change (‘heal’) our fragmented, inaccessible, expensive, and too often failing ‘sick care’ non-system. Regina is a powerhouse with an at times disturbing yet candid message that is resonating with many both stateside as well as across the pond and beyond.

For more information on Regina, her art, and the emergence of the ‘Walking Gallery’, click here. Meanwhile the complete ‘digi-magazine’ can be viewed here.