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By Lon Levin

Regina Holiday, paints at Healthcare 2.0The tireless health advocate, and medical muralist Regina Holliday puts her art talents on display at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, September 25-27th, 2011. The artwork ultimately was auctioned off to benefit Regina’s advocacy group and charity. Regina started painting on Saturday morning. I had the privilege to help her do the underpainting of the sky and sidewalk. And when you do something that is helping a cause that will benefit others you work with enthusiasm.

Regina Holliday paints at Healthcare 2.0After blocking the painting out Regina started painting the figures that would later populate her finished painting. Regina painted this vision with others help as well painting most of it herself during the entire event, and on the last day she finished the painting just as the conference was finished. In between she gave some passionate, personal and powerful speeches urging others to join the cause of patients having easy and total access to their records.
Regina Holliday's Healthcare2.0 advocacy painting

I’ve now joined the cause who of you is ready to be part of a movement?

As Regina says “We are all patients in the end.”