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Mike Cressy sketch from his notrebook

sketch from Mike Cressy's notebook

Mike Cressy is one of my favorite artists. I just love watching him sketch and come up with all this very imaginative stuff. The shading, the characters and the composition is always cool. His color work is just as good if not better. In another age he might have been Hieronyomus Bosch or Dali. His talents are widespread.And Mike is a humble guy who has a very honest and level-headed view of himself and his relevance. But make no mistake he is a force in the gaming world. His work permeates all the new media games and game apps.He has remained relevant and timely…in fact timeless. Here’s an outtake from my interview with him that will appear in the winter edition of the Illustrators Journal later this month.

Who are some of your influences other than Woody Allen and Groucho, both of whom I like very much.

That’s one hell of a long list. I have all kinds of writers, visual artists, graphic novelists, musicians that influence the art that I do. It’s hard to make a list. It would be so incomplete if I would start to list them. I look for art that follows my taste and what I see as truth in art. Some artists are fantastic in their technique and can blow you away visually. However, I found so many times that isn’t enough. I need something deeper then that. As an example… with my red pencil sketches from my sketchbooks.Mike Cressy painting I try to coble together something that gives insight to what I’ve experienced throughout a certain day or event. Sometimes it’s just one simple image. Other times it’s a crazy concoction of visual ideas that in my mind tries to make sense of and tells the true of what I saw and felt at that moment. Any artist who does that same type of thing… I’ll be a big fan of. They are the ones who influence me. To get back to Woody and Groucho… they did that with their comedy and that’s what drew me to them in the first place.

For more of Mike’s Interview watch out for the upcoming winter issue of the Illustrators Journal