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I love painting with water oils. First off the smell of “traditional oil paint” and turpentine is too much for me to handle and distracting to my efforts. Also I tend to get paint all over my hands and face (don’t ask) when I paint so water oils make it easy for me to clean up. I find the effect of water oils close to the small as the traditional oils. In fact I like the mixture quality of water and paint because it works similar to watercolors or gouache. This painting I did with water oils is from my childrens book that hasn’t been published yet, water oil painting by Lon levin I started this painting off by sketching the drawing onto cold-press board, I fixed the image with fixative and then I covered the surface with a light ochre tint of watered down oil paint. Once that dried I started to paint in very water down oil paint blocking in large areas of specific color. I worked that way building up color in layers. Once I have the basic look and color balance I start using the paint more like oil paints though I still keep it thin. The result is no different to my eyes than what I could do with traditional oils. My water oil illustrations have appeared in numerous children’s books and publications.

water oil painting from "There's A Kid Under My Bed" written by Lisa Willever

Monster Truck by Lon Levin

The drawback, if there is one is the time it takes to finish the work as opposed to digitally painting. For commercial projects this is a factor. To that end I took a few classes at the Gnomon School is Los Angeles to learn how to paint digitally. Before I attended those classes I had been using photoshop for fifteen years so my learning curve was greatly reduced. However, I highly suggest taking classes in person or getting a DVD if you want to convert to digital.