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Nude Betty Page The notorious Betty page died on this date in 2008 at the age of 82. While she wasn’t an illustrator or a painter she inspired many to create numerous works and in her own world she was “the artist” of her day. For that reason she is honored here. “I want to be remembered as a woman who changed people’s perspectives concerning nudity in its natural form.” Bettie married and divorced 3 times between 1950 and 1965, very unpopular at that time for a woman to do, she earned her own way in the world, and she also overcame the sexual assaults of her youth to become a world-class sex symbol: In 1955 she was voted Pin-Up Girl of The World. I would add Bettie wasn’t just simply a beautiful sex symbol for men to fantasize about, she was way more than that. I think Bettie’s sexual freedom, acceptance of various forms of sexuality (shoe fetishes, bondage, animal furs, corsets, etc.), and love of the natural naked body empowered women: it was okay to be a sexual woman and to love your naked body … and if you liked leather, whips, and stiletto boots, then that’s okay too. (FYI: It wasn’t guilt or God that brought Bettie down, it was mental illness that took her away from the career she loved.)