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cartoon by Dan De Carlo
Dan De Carlo influenced our lives as much as anyone since he was the principal cartoonist for the Archie Comics and later developed Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, and Cheryl Blossom. DeCarlo said he created Josie on his own in the late 1950s; his wife, named Josie, said in an interview quoted in a DeCarlo obituary, “We went on a Caribbean cruise, and I had a [cat] costume for the cruise, and that’s the way it started.” DeCarlo first tried to sell the character as a syndicated comic strip called Here’s Josie, recalling in 2001.
DeCarlo died in New Rochelle, New York, of pneumonia, according to his wife. Comics creator Paul Dini said upon DeCarlo’s death, “It was tragic that when he was at an age when many cartoonists are revered as treasures by more beneficent publishers, Dan felt spurned and slighted by the owners of properties that prospered greatly from his contributions.”

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