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Thanksgiving dinner at PT Barnum's

sketch by Lon Levin

As I’ve promised I will deliver a sketch a day for the next two weeks. This my answer to a Linkedin post that asked the question, “Does anyone draw anymore?”. This of course was directed towards digital artists which I am part of. For the record I go both ways…digital and tradiional.

This is the first sketch I made for my picture book “PT and the Little General” The book chronicles PT Barnum and his quest to make a young boy of extremely small stature, Charles Stratton, a superstar in the world of entertainment. Redubbed “General Tom Thumb” Barnum coached and financed the “General” to enormous worldwide fame culminating in his introduction to the Queen of England.
General Tom Thumb was as big a hit with the young Queen of England and was invited back to the Buckingham Palace two more times. He went on to entertainment audiences around the world for the rest of his life. He made millions of dollars and made many friends and admirers. He married in 1863 and lived to be 45 years old. He was forty inches high and weighed seventy pounds when he died. He was a Thirty-Second Degree Mason and a Knight’s Templar, so he was buried with Masonic honors. Ten thousand people attended the funeral services. Among them his lifelong friend PT Barnum.