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Kurt Schaffenberger cover art

artwork by Kurt Schaffenberger

Happy Birthday to a man who had such a great influence on my generation. He was deeply involved in the creation of Lois lane and worked for many years on the Superman series.

Schaffenberger was born on a farm in the Thuringian Forest, Germany, where, as a boy, he “. . . tended geese, herded goats, and hoed potatoes.” Emigrating to America as a 7-year-old (first to Hartford, Connecticut, and then to New York City), he eventually won a scholarship to the Pratt Institute. After graduation, he joined Jack Binder’s studio in 1941, where he worked on key Fawcett titles including Captain Marvel, Bulletman, and Ibis.
While working for Binder’s studio, which was located in Englewood, New Jersey, Schaffenberger took over an apartment from the local high school football coach, Vince Lombardi (who had yet to achieve success in the National Football League).
During this time, Schaffenberger’s work was also published by Prize, Street & Smith, and Pines.
Schaffenberger served in the U.S. military during World War II, including a stint with the Office of Strategic Services, leaving the military with the rank of Master Sergeant.
Schaffenberger returned to the world of professional sequential art soon after war’s end. He resumed his work for the Captain Marvel family of titles, and expanded his reach to an even more diverse group of publishing houses, including EC, Gilberton, Premier Magazines, American Comics Group, and Marvel Comics.

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