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Joe Simon,creator of Captain America diesJoe Simon, who along with Jack Kirby co-created Captain America and was one of the comic book industry’s most revered writers, artists and editors, has died at age 98. Simon’s family relayed word of his death Thursday, posting a short statement on Facebook and telling the Associated Press through a spokesman that Simon died Wednesday night in New York City after a brief illness.

cartoon panels from Captain AmericaI just saw the movie a month or so ago and I loved the concept of it. The comic was always a favorite of mine because of the very cool costume and the idea that every man could be a hero. That core idea has sustained me and probably many others through tough times. It truly captures the American spirit. Joe created something that will last forever, an iconic representation of the American way. In these troubled times when foreigners kick around the American way like some washed up pro athlete who has seen better days, remembering Joe and his brilliant idea may add some spark back into our lives and inspire us to be better.

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