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Painting by BrellUntil today I had no idea who Brell was but looking over his work I am glad I know now. He was brilliant and every bit a master. What I like a lot about him is the staging and the lighting in his paintings.

Julio Peris Brell was a Valencian painter born in the street ‘En Bany’ of València, Spain, in a family of liberal tradition, of the small bourgeoisie.

He began his studies of Fine Arts in 1876. In 1882, he was proclaimed secretary of the section of partners painters of the Scientific, Literary and Artistic Athenian of Valencia. He finished his studies of Fine Arts in 1884. In 1886 he becomes great partner of the Athenian, proposed by the painters Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench, Navarrese Jose Llorens and Honorio Romero Orozco.

In 1890 he presents the work ‘The faith of the baptism’ in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid . He met the brothers Ricardo and Pío Baroja, with whom he maintained a long friendship.

After the creation of the Circle of Beautiful Arts of Valencia, in 1894, Peris Brell participates in the activities with his friend, the painter Joaquin Agrasot, concurring to the first exhibitions of the organization.

The biggest part of the Peris Brell’s production at the end of 19th century was directed to the Catalan market. In 1897 he presents the painting ‘La Fuente ‘ to the National Exhibition of Fine Arts of Mexico, being acquired by the National School of Beautiful Arts ofMexico. It also participates in several exhibitions organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Cadiz and the Exhibition of Fine Arts of Murcia.

In 1900 he is chosen unanimously for the position of president of the Section of Class of the Circle of Fine Arts of Valencia. The same year takes part in the decoration of the ‘palacete de Don Jose Ayora’, in company of Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench, Antonio Fillol, Ricardo Verde and Luis Beüt. He makes the painting ‘Brindis’. A year later concurs to the National Exhibition of Beautiful Arts with the titled painting ‘My mother’.

The Prat gallery organized in his honor an anthological exhibition of his works in 1943. In 1944 he concured to the Exhibition of Flowers and Still lifes, organized by the Circle of Fine Arts of Valencia and to the collective exhibition of painters in the Mateu’s Gallery. The 19th December of that year he passed away in Valencia.


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