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artwork from R. Zemeckis movie

artwork from Zemekis movie "A Christmas carol"

The Journal loves great illustration and especially at this time of year, great Christmas illustrations. So here goes, a few, a very few great and iconic Christmas illustrations to celebrate this time of year. The first piece is a promotional illustration from the movie, “A Christmas Carol” by Robert Zemeckis. Though the movie got panned for lifeless dead eye animation, this piece of art works quite well as a singular piece of art.
John Leech illustration from a Christmas Carol

illustration by John Leech

The second illustration is by John Leech and is a classic piece of artwork from the original book written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Most of the artwork is in Black and white with a few color plates. The images created in this book by Leech are iconic and have influenced every illustrator who ever created artwork for the book after him.
illustrated by Brett Helquist

illustration by Brett Helquist

A personal favorite of mine is Brett Helquist’s version of a Christmas Carol. The angular look and the color palette is unique and the staging is interesting and fresh. Of course there are many more we could’ve added but these stood out to us. If you have other favorites let us know.