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classic Illustration by Arthur Fuller

artwork by Arthur Fuller

It’s nice to know that someone has an appreciation of illustration and it’s history. I discovered this wonderful site while trolling on the internet . I bring it to your attention because some of the history of our profession is archived and dealt with by a man named Fred Taraba, who left the “rat race” of New York to go live in Casper, Wyoming (a man after my own heart).

Fred Taraba is a dealer in original American illustrative artwork… that is, painting and drawings that have been created specifically for reproduction in books, magazines, advertisements and many other media. He has been in the business of caring for, writing about and selling original illustration since 1983. For sixteen years he was the Director of Illustration House, Inc. a New York City gallery and auction house specializing in the artform. Prior to that he spent eight years with The Society of Illustrators in New York as their Assistant Director/ Curator and Librarian. He left New York in 2007 and never looked back.

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