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Lon Levin at CES

Lon Levin and Alan Harris Xanate Media co-Founders at CES 2011

Last year at this time the media team of lon Levin, Alan Harris and Gregg Masters traveled to CES in Las Vegas to cover the event for leading independent third party reviewer of technology gadgets, trends and more Eldergadget.com. The future founders of Xanate Media were all over the floor doing interviews and reviews of every gadgets imaginable. At the end of the day our intrepid media guru Gregg Masters, aka @2healthguru, set up a podcast and Lon Levin, along with Nellie Day and Tony Donaldson joined in a roundtable of discussion about each day’s events.  To view the end of day re-caps, click here. It was a great moment and a real high for us. In fact we enjoyed ourselves so much that now as the founders and officers of Xanate Media Gregg and I are going to 2012’s CES in Las Vegas. This time we are covering the event for a look at what’s new as it pertains to artists, art directors, illustrators and enthusiast of social media.

(excerpt from PC World) This year lots of tablets and apps will be on display as well as tons of mobile devices. Tablets are cheaper, laptops are thinner, and cameras are more like phones. Apps will be everywhere, including in cars. And Microsoft’s phone-inspired Windows 8 will edge closer to release.Beneath all of the specifics, though, mobile technology will be driving many of the trends on display at CES 2012 in Las Vegas next week. Phones, tablets, and mobile software are soaking up most of the energy and attention in technology today. We’ll see lots of new mobile products and technologies at CES, but we’ll also see older products–laptops, cameras, and even desktop PC OSs–trying to remain relevant by adopting features of mobile devices.

Check us out next week as we are on the look out for the best new technology that will be available for you in the coming year!

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