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Ethel Carrick  Fox painting

Ethel Carrick Fox painting

Ethel Carrick Fox b. 1872 Painter born in England. She was a complex, independent, hard-working, resourceful woman whose chief interests, apart from securing recognition for her late husband’s work, were travel and work – or travel in order to work.

Because her love affair and working relationship with her husband was so significant and rare he is included in this short bio. The personal artistic union of Ethel Carrick & E Phillips Fox, two of Australia’s most significant late impressionist painters, was celebrated in the major exhibition, which ran from April 16 to August 7, 2011.

More than 100 paintings gave a fresh view of both artists’ careers, telling their stories jointly for the first time in a major institution.

‘Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox were painters of modern life at the turn of last century and this exhibition provides an insight into their active artistic careers and extensive travels together around Europe, North Africa and Australia.

Melbourne-born Emanuel Phillips Fox (1865-1915) married the English-born painter Ethel Carrick (1872- 1952) in 1905. Together they spent a decade living in Paris and travelling through England, France, Italy, Spain, North Africa and Australia, painting modern life as they saw it along the way.

‘Carrick and Fox’s works celebrate a way of life that was leisured and elegant, such as Phillip Fox’s Al Fresco 1905, a sophisticated, urbane family gathering, and Carrick Fox’s Manly Beach – Summer is here 1913, a lively beach scene marking the birth of Australian beach culture.
‘Other highlights of the exhibition include Carrick and Fox’s French flower market 1909, and the Queensland Art Gallery’s much-loved Bathing hour 1909 by Phillips Fox, an intimate portrait of a mother and child at the beach.

‘Many of Ethel Carrick Fox’s works, in particular, have been hidden away in private collections until now, and audiences will also see a new side to E Phillips Fox’s art,’ Ms Goddard said.

As well as creating their own beautiful works, the couple were influential in promoting art in Australia. Fox helped establish the Melbourne School of Art in 1893, and continued to teach and promote Australian artists throughout his career.

When Phillips Fox passed away in 1915 at the age of fifty, his wife continued to carry on his legacy, tirelessly promoting his work, while continuing with her own painting career, teaching and travelling extensively.

Source: Design and Art Australia Online

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