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In today’s commercial art world and even the fine art world just doing the work or sending a postcard out now and then is no longer sufficient to attract projects. Assuming you are good at what you do it is imperative to engage in social media whether it be a blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr or any other site. The availability to produce your own video with Animoto or iMovie or a combination of both provides artist with an affordable way to give more life and gravity to their work. And if you can do some flash animation or know how to use After Effects or Final Cut Pro you are ahead of the game…for now. The video I uploaded here is a simple example of how you can put together a nice short promo and send it out by providing a link or uploading it to your blog and then sending the link around to various groups, sites or lists of buyers you want to work with.

Economics is a double-edge sword these days. The cutbacks and downsizing  has made doing your job a little more difficult than it was before but by the same token you now can exert more control of your content and show potential buyers more of your creativity. I was listening to the well-known financial advisor Suze Orman speak the other day and she emphasized we are in a period of time where your best chance for success is to be an entrepreneur and she predicted more people will be their own bosses in the future because of the two factors I just mentioned.  The fact is promotion can be fun and challenging. and the ability to have more control of your future can be very satisfying once you have some success with it.