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my reaction to the Grammys

My Grammy Hangover

While I was watching the Grammys I drew this. It started out looking nice until Katy Perry came on. Then it took a further downswing when I saw Bennet and Underwood who had no chemistry and last but surely not least Nicki Minaj. I mean what was that? It certainly wasn’t music. The only saving grace was Adele, Kelly Clarkson and I liked Chris Brown. Ok so he’s bad boy but isn’t that the point of new and innovative music to shake things up? And speaking of shaking things up…Dangermaus5 was fantastic. The first new and exciting thing that has happened to the Grammys in years. I would’ve like to seen more of that and better coverage. Last but not least I give Sir Paul a pass since I’ve met him and he’s a great guy. His voice is fading but I appreciate him hanging around as the 60’s rock ambassador and high priest of “all you need is love” era. Oh and I forgot as well I should, Rhianna and Foo Fighters??? I don’t get it. If the Fighters are the best rock band then I think the genre’s run it’s course. And Rhianna…heard enough of her.
So this all adds up to the crazed drawing you see now, because this was the end result of having my brain ravaged by music’s “greatest night?”