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Vampires, Hookers, Pimps, Crooked Cops, Drug Dealers and a Detective on the lame! “Rust City” has it all!

Paul Pate’s neo-noir graphic novel set in a rundown crime-ridden city is a rollercoaster adventure that finds wily Detective Perez in the midst of a diabolical plot which has the police after him for murder.

To quote Perez himself…“Consider yourself lucky. You’re lucky you don’t live in my city. I’ve lived in Rust City my whole life, and for all thirty some of those years, this city has been in decline. At this point, it is almost unbearable. But, this is MY city! I am Detective Lorenzo Perez. If there is a crime in this city and I catch the case, you can best believe I’m gonna find those responsible and bring them to justice! Take this case. Someone kills Christina Stephans. They don’t just kill her. They open her neck up and drain her blood all over my apartment floor! They’re not gonna get away with it. Not if I have anything to say about it. Not if I have to take on gangsters, corrupt police officers, rogue FBI agents, and vampires! I will do what I have to do to track them down. I will enlist the help of some unruly characters along the way. And believe me, there are plenty in this town! So, join me for this story if you will. But, please take my word for it, you don’t wanna move here. You wouldn’t last”.