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stepping into a nightmare
This sketch was actually the first one I started when I went in this direction. I stopped about halfway because I hated it. Last night I tried to fix it and it actually turned out to be something interesting albeit not very well-executed. But the thought is there and I think it conveys what it’s supposed to. Of course if I was doing a paid assignment this would be my rough sketch to show where I was going.

If I remember correctly a child’s nightmare is like stepping into another world. One that’s scary and mysterious. Monsters, dark places, scary noises are all part of that experience. I remember trying to go to sleep at night and hearing siren like noises going on in my head. It felt as if creatures were circling over my bed waiting for just the right moment to scare the shit out of me. When I did sleep, my dreams were very real much like they are today. I remember one recurring dream where I woke up in a kindly old ladies home who looked like a witch and above my bed were hundreds of marionettes. Within moments of my awakening two of the puppets landed in front of me and started to talk. I don’t remember what they said but i was not scared. i was fascinated. Hence my lifelong love affair with marionettes and puppets. In fact I used to terrify my younger sister with marionettes I had bought at the toy store. She hated them and I’m sure she was glad when I grew out of that phase.