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Wow, have I got an issue for you. I have five great illustrator interviews and /or editorials that will appear in the Spring Issue of The Illustrators Journal.

Illustration by Joanne Lew Vreithoff

Joanne Lew Vriethoff is an illustrator who contacted me or I contacted her through Linkedin (I think) I saw her work and was dazzled. I learned she and I are both Art Center Alumni and I learned she’s an ex-patriot living in The Netherlands. (Love the Netherlands as they are big fans of the Journal).

Illustration by Leslie Cober-Gentry

I have a feature interview with Leslie Cober-Gentry whose father Alan Cober was a teacher of mine and one of the best illustrators of the last half century. However make no mistake Leslie is a fabulous talent on her own and her candid interview will give readers an insight into what it takes to be a top illustrator today. In addition through a bright PR marketing strategist named Susan Raab I was able to get interviews with Roxie Munro who is a childrens illustrator who has turned her talents loose in the digital world of apps and digital content. I preview some of her upcoming work and it’s really stunning.

Also Steve Light, a former corporate designer (I can relate) who struck out on his own a while back, became a teacher of young children and a children’s book illustrator. Over the course of his career he came up with the”Storybox” combining his talents as a storyteller, illustrator and sculptor to create an all-one-box that employs everything you need to tell a children’s story.

Illustration by Steve Light

And finally a lady who I’ve known since first grade. Mona Shafer-Edwards is a renown court illustrator who has witnessed history by sketching the courtroom drama on cases like OJ Simpson, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson and most recently Lindsay Lohan. If that wasn’t enough she is a talented fashion illustrator as well. Books featuring her artwork have been in bookstores for years. I had the pleasure of sitting with Mona revisiting our past and her career and she is a wonder. All in all this issue is going to be a great read and I will do my best to make it fun, informative and enlightening. Of course we’ll have the usual features, Lonfellow’s Corner, The Masters View and Mark Susnow’s Inspire Possibilities. And for all of you who love fantasy art the Journal will have a section where we unveil our five favorite fantasy artists and a small tribute to Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. So stay tuned, browse the site and keep a watch out for the Spring Edition schedule for release 3/22