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I was cruising through some other sites I manage and I noticed this great post by Nellie Day, a friend of mine and went to the site to check it out and for an artist this is a great site. You can get close up and personal with artwork you may never have access to. Check out brush strokes see the texture…learn from the masters. I highly recommend this site as a fun visit or a place to study and learn.

Google has repurposed its Google Street View technology to an indoor venue – or, rather, 17 of them. The Internet corporation recently created Google Art Project, which takes Internet surfers inside 17 art museums around the world.

Similar to Street View, Google Art Project fans can navigate through corridors and around exhibits. There are also tabs that let users view close-up angles of their favorite works of art. Avid aficionados can even zoom in on the artworks’ brush strokes, thanks to the high-powered lenses. The project’s director noted on Google’s blog that the cameras used produce images that are “1,000 times more detailed than your average digital camera [could produce].”

We tried visited GoogleArtProject.com, the project’s home, to test out a few museums for ourselves. First, we should say that Google partnered with some world-class institutions. Among the museums participating in the project are New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, France’s Palace of Versailles and London’s Tate Britain.

Navigating through the actual museum spaces is a bit tricky, just as it is on Google Street View if you’re not used to the way the camera responds to certain clicks. It’s also difficult to get a front-facing view of the artwork when navigating a gallery’s floor.

Not to worry, though, Google Art Project provides two separate tabs for each museum. The “View Artwork” tab can be utilized when you want to see the artwork up close, and the “Explore the Museum” tab lets you work your way through the actual floor space.

GoogleArtProject.com is completely free, so even save yourself admission to some of the world’s greatest art museums!

Watch a preview of Google Art Project below, or visit the website to try out the museums first hand.