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Mona Shafer-Edwards

Mona Shafer Edwards is a courtroom artist whose illustrations have been featured on programs and networks such as TMZ.com, 20/20, A&E Biography, ABC, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and in numerous publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and Newsweek. She has witnessed and sketched some of the most famous trials of our life time. From O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake to Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Richard Ramirez, the murderous “Night Stalker” all captured in her book “Captured”. She has illustrated several fashion books including Inside Fashion Design (Prentice Hall), The Complete Book of Fashion Illustration (Prentice Hall), The Fashion Coloring Book (HarperCollins), and The Fashion Handbook (Watson-Guptill). Edwards has also created storyboards and sketch art for feature films and TV commercials. She has taught fashion sketching classes at UCLA and other academic institutions.

I first met Mona in grammar school.

Art by Mona Shafer-EdwardsMona and I were in the same classrooms through fifth grade when she left to attend another school. Little did I know we’d reconnect some decades later and that we had mutual interests and actually are both alumnist of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. We didn’t attend at the same time because I did my undergraduate work at UCLA, then attended Art Center later after she had graduated. I’ve met with Mona a couple times over the last couple months and we have great chats. I found her to be funny, charismatic and talented, very talented. For anyone who wants to be a fashion artist or an artist who does courtroom sketching Mona is one of the best and someone I highly recommend looking at. Here’s a snippet of one of our conversations. The full interview will be featured in the upcoming spring issue of the Illustrators Journal.

When did you get interested in art? And why did you gravitate towards fashion and live sketching?
I’ve been interested in art my whole life. My mother was a jewelry designer. She went to Art Center Colleg of Design, although then it was called Art Center School. She came to this country, the United States, after World War II and she had always painted and drawn. We had art books everywhere at home. So that’s all I did…I looked at art books and made drawings of my own. I did this as a little girl growing up. …and fashion, I always wanted to be a fashion artist. I wanted to live in New York and work for Vogue Magazine and have the whole fashion life. So when I went to Art Center I was a fashion major. I have always loved fashion.
One note here, I remember little fashionable Mona as one of the best dressed little girls in my class. When I recently looked at pictures of us when we were six, seven and eight Mona was always dressed impeccably and I was…well like I am now in a t-shirt with jeans with dirt on my face.