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By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Xanate Media Chief Creative Officer, Lon Levin interviews the talented Roxie Munro, author/illustrator of more than 35 books for children (including Mazescapes; Amazement Park; the Inside-Outside Books: New York City [New York Times Best Illustrated Award], Washington DC, Texas, London, Paris, and Libraries; Feathers, Flaps & Flops; Doors; Gargoyles, Girders & Glass Houses;

Ranch; Wild West Trail Ride Maze; Circus; Mazeways: A to Z; Rodeo; Go!Go!Go!; and Inside-Outside Dinosaurs).

Roxie’s books have been translated into French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese.

To listen to Roxie on Week in Digital Media, click here.

For a sweet trailer of Roxie’s most recent work ‘Roxie’s DOORS’ checkout the video below: