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Storytelling is such a great thing. Is this something you got from your childhood, why did you feel the need to do it?

My dad is a great storyteller and would tell me stories while riding in the car. I also come from a very large family and my dad and stepmom used to take in foster children and I used to tell them stories to entertain them. I love telling stories, I can not make a drawing unless there is a story behind it. It is even hard for me to just draw a person or building unless there is some story going on in my head. As a pre-K teacher you learn very quickly the impact a story can have on a child, I think that spark of imagination a child gets from hearing a story is what makes storytelling so exciting to me and keeps me telling them.

Is sculpture your main art or illustration?

I think they go hand in hand. I do not differentiate. One story needs to be drawn then another needs to be carved. Mostly I let the story decide.

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