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Micky Mantle
This is one of my favorite pieces that I did a little while back. It’s a combination of pencil sketch, painting and photoshop effects. A real mishmash as I tried to figure out ways to illustrate. It won a couple awards (How Magazine, American Illustration) then I never added it to a portfolio. So I’m giving “The Mick” its long overdue exposure.

The take way is don’t let art sit in a folder or in a drawer. Show it it around even if it’s not your best piece. You don’t learn anything if you don’t get feedback. With the amount of social networking that can be done now we should all be engaging with each other all the time, helping us with our own personal innovation, our own branding of ourselves. The market and our peers will tell us if the path we have chosen is the right path,. not your mother.
I saw Salmon Fishing In The Yemen last night and one thing stuck in my mind amongst many others. The Arab Sheik in the movie asks the scientist who is helping him( albeit reluctantly) with his project if he has faith.(my rough paraphrasing) The scientist replies “I am not religious” The Sheik says “But you fish, don’t you? You will wait hours hoping to catch a fish?” The scientist replies “hundreds of hours” “Then you have faith”. the Sheik replies And so it is with artists. We work on projects because we have faith in ourselves as creative people. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to show those pieces to get feedback so that we can reach our goals? It’s better to get a reality check on where you are than to put the work away and judge yourself before anyone else. The worst that can happen is the piece failed to do what you wanted. YOU have not failed. You know the story of Edison don’t you? I’ll repeat it so bear with me. When Edison was ask how he felt about failing to make a workable light bulb after thousands of trials that failed, he replied something like…”Now I know thousands of ways the light bulb won’t work.” Persistence and faith people. You’ll get there sooner or later.