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Look, you judge for yourself, but clearly worldwide among likeminded artists jan Opedebeeck is the best there is. His work is very steep in the French tradition of caricature artists with his own rather satirical and twisted viewpoint. Although Jan would tell you that Sebastian Krueger is the best, I prefer Jan. Of course you make your own choice. We are lucky to have both. It’s a measuring stick for anyone who is brave enough to step into that arena. From Hendrix to the Pope Jan is able to draw out the unique parts of his subjects face and mold them like silly putty, all the while keeping the integrity of their looks so you know who the personality is. He is also prone to do portraits of his friends which at time can be most unflattering yet still they embrace him. Most people want to look their best in a drawing but Jan’s talent for bringing the true spirit of the subject to the fore mitigates the fact that he has distorted their features into a grotesque albeit brilliant mask. And they love him for it. His work is honest and true and every artist should strive for this level of excellence. So is he the best caricature artist in the world?…Judge for yourself.