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By Gregg A. Masters

On the Thursday April 5th, 2012 broadcast of ‘This Week in Digital Media’, our special guest is artist, and illustrator specializing in fantasy and concept art Matt Gaser.

Lon Levin, executive editor, Illustrators Journal, and chief creative officer of XanateMedia, chats with Matt about the current state of fantasy art, his take on illustrating for the exploding entertainment and gaming sectors, and key trends to watch, including what to expect from the continuing convergence between gaming, illustration and the digital arts.

From Matt’s youth and active support of his artistic calling by his parents to his training at Art Center College of Design and his current free lancing portfolio journey we see the world of illustration and digital arts through a very talented practitioner’s eyes.

EDITORS NOTE: We had a few audio gremlins upfront and during the wind down of the interview, but other than that all went well.

To listen, click here.