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photo by Lon Levin
Pony flies through the air with the greatest of ease

God help me I entered a art contest at “Artist Wanted”. I’ve submitted a small portfolio from my “Silver Lake” Dog park series. I know you’re thinking this is an illustrators journal not a photographer’s. But, I am an illustrator and I shoot photography so I am accepting my post on this site under the “artist who has multi-talents category. All seriousness aside I started the project to amuse myself and when I got noticed by a non-profit dog organization called Art for Barks I started to think about what can I do to help. Lynn Moon, the site’s creator and the driving force behind an effort to place retired service dogs into loving homes has put together a great program and I am a small part of her effort. Stay tuned for more about that.

So my friends and followers follow this link http://adlonlevin.artistswanted.org/self2012 to my small portfolio and vote me up so that whatever recognition I receive will enhance my ability to help our best friends.Thanks and keep up the good work.