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Born on April 27,Steve D’Amico is the illustrator of the Ella the Elephant series. He started drawing dinosaurs and Batman at five then went on to be the cartoonist for his high school newspaper. He freelanced for years before taking a job at Seattle’s Smashing Ideas where he is a senior designer. Currently, Steve is collaborating on other stories, as well as with other writers. When not at the drawing board, Steve can be found playing the guitar, listening to his eclectic music collection or tending his garden. He lives in Seattle with his wife Carmela and their eight-year-old daughter.

” I was the school “artist” at my elementary school, drawing dinosaurs, hot rods and superheroes for the other kids. I became the cartoonist for my high school newspaper and then went on to study design and art in college. I was a window display artist at Macy’s for almost 10 years, where I met and married Carmela. She was a writer and I was an illustrator, and we were both very interested in children’s literature…so a book was bound to arrive sooner or later.”

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