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photo by Lon Levin

You’ve just taken a shot that needs to be sent out to press now to beat your competitors to the punch or you need to get artwork approved quickly and the details in the work must be seen by the Art Director. Here is a great way to solve the problem. A tool every creative should consider.

Reposted from The Los Angeles Times

By Michelle Maltais

April 27, 2012, 9:59 a.m.

A new update to Dropbox allows users to transfer photos directly from digital camera SD cards and accumulate 3 more gigabytes of free storage online.

“The latest version of the Android app. and the beta versions of our Mac and Windows desktop applications includes a new way to put all the photos and videos you take in your Dropbox called Camera Upload,” according to the Dropbox Help Center.

To use it in the Android app, you need to enable the feature when you first launch it. It asks whether you want to enable Dropbox over your data plan and whether you want to upload existing photos and videos. When you hit “Upload,” the eligible photos and videos move to your Dropbox.

It also works on the desktop app when you plug in your camera or phone to the computer. It will automatically upload and save your photos and video to DropBox’s Camera Upload folder when you select “Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox.”

The new feature can net you additional gigs of space, but, as with most storage gains on Dropbox, you’ve got to work for it a little. This boost would give you the same threshold of free storage as the just-launched Google Drive — 5 gigabytes.

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