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This is the latest video directed by K Asher Levin (my son) for Mod Sun a group whose lead is Cisco Adler, son of famed music producer Lou Adler. The song Happy as F**K is catchy and gives you a real summer type feel. The video compliments the song and of course is brilliant. Seriously, my son has been honing his filmaking chops for a long time. He was making videos when he was five. I was his cameraman back then. He was also the lead singer of two or three rock bands and even toured with Kid Rock. He went to NYU Film School  and his first directorial effort “Cougars Inc” came out a couple years ago starring Jim Belushi and Denise Richards. He’s paid his dues as has Cisco who has produced and written many songs. I’ve watch Asher and Cisco progress over the years and you are about to witness the rise of two great talents soon. I could not be more proud of them both.

http://www.vevo.com/watch/mod-sun/happy-as-fuk/USA561186615 Link to video or click on the picture