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The reason why I include Hendrik in this Happy Birthday wish is first he is long forgotten and second he was great at cartographic art which is a lost art form. There isn’t a need for it anymore. But at one time, he and his father were tops and they made maps of the little known world interesting and exciting to the people who viewed them and they made a good living at it. So I honor him today on his 515th birthday.

II or Hendrik Hondius the Younger (1597 – 16 August 1651) was a Dutch engravercartographer and publisher.

He was born in Amsterdam, the son of the famous cartographer Jodocus Hondius who had started a map-making business in the city. Hendrik initially helped his family in the business, but in 1621 opened his own company in his hometown. In 1641 he published the Mercator-Hondius atlas. He died in Amsterdam.

Confusingly, he came from a different family from Henrik Hondius I; there were two families engaged in very similar activities at the same time.