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“Blackbird” by Bruce Munro

Master Lighting Artist Bruce Munro answered my request for an interview the other day and soon I will be posting it on the Journal along with photos of his work and some background about this sensational artist. His installation at Longwood Gardens in Pennslyvania is a tremendous success which only adds to his growing popularity.Not only does he do installations on a large scale , he does light sculptures and has a commercial lighting business. I initially contacted him a few days ago because I am familiar with Longwood Gardens and think it is an oasis of beauty created by Pierre Dupont. I was there taking photographs for my book “Treehouses” in 2008. I spent a full day there traversing some of the most beautiful grounds and gardens I ever seen. I highly recommend it.

Back to Bruce. He was kind enough to grant my interview and answer the questions on his way back to London. Look for the post soon!