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Witte Wartena (born June 18, 1976 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland) is a Dutch artist. In his childhood bedroom, which was situated in the attic, the famous Dutch comic artist Marten Toonder had lived for one year during the Second World War.

Wartena studied art in Enschede, where he graduated with a Degree in Illustration in 1998. In 2006 he successfully finished his Masters of Design course at the ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) in Illustration. Considering comics to be the most versatile art medium, Wartena and Sebastiaan Schlicher created the comic game ‘Kassie Mik-Mak’ in 1997, presenting it in the Dutch town, Enschede.

Wartena’s work has been included in a number of international art exhibitions, shown in; Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Oslo, Rotterdam, Stockholm, and Seoul.

His work has been described in [Metropolis M], a leading Dutch art magazine, as: “one of the few people in the Netherland.


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