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We could use a site like this one in England to celebrate our country’s many great illustrators, past present and future. I’ve been checking into England’s illustration scene for the last few weeks in preparation for a future edition of the Illustrators Journal focused on the world of British illustration and I came across the website for the House of Illustration. It makes me wish I could walk there and soak up the environment. I’ve connected with a few British illustrators and I find their work refreshing and inspirational. I’m lining up interviews now for the site so we all can benefit from their vision. If you are British, Scottish, Irish or from Wales and  want to be included contact me @levinland or here.

The House of Illustration is the world’s first dedicated home for the world’s most accessible artform. From advertising to animation, picture books to political cartoons, and medical drawing to fashion design, we champion illustration, explore its riches and celebrate the way it touches our lives.

The chosen building in the King’s Cross regeneration area is ideally located on a site mixing commercial, cultural and leisure activities, with the capital’s best transport links for local, national and international visitors.

As a home for the past, present and future of illustration, the site will be a place where people can enjoy a changing programme of exhibitions, have a go at creating their own illustrations – and have a good cup of coffee!

From the general public to the world’s professional illustrators, and from children and young people to students of illustration, our feasibility study shows that we will attract 120,000 people every year.

Our vision

Illustration is all around us – on billboards and postage stamps, in computer games and illuminated manuscripts. It can be difficult to define; but complements so many disciplines – from architecture to medicine, from travel to fashion.

We put the world’s most varied artform centre stage and give it the attention it deserves.

We are a world-first creative hub for emerging and established artists working in every aspect of illustration, where skills are developed, work is promoted and the imagination is ignited.