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Today at 3PM PST Host of “This Week In Digital Media” Lon Levin interviews Kathy Koller, writer and author of Chet The Architect: Shows You NYC Museum Mile.

The book is a wonderful companion for any cild or adult traveling in the city who wants to know more about the historic sites. Aside from being informative it is also an activity book for kids who can draw or color to their heart’s content while learning nifty facts about the museums around town.

Listen in at 3PM pst today to hear Kathy and Lon discuss this terrific project. “This Week In Digital Media” is a production of the Illustrators Journal and it’s parent company XanateMedia, strategists for the social media and digital communications space, with expertise in the nexus between art and its commercial applications. The company’s focus is health(care), health and wellness, action sports, e-publishing and entertainment verticals.

This link to the broadcast is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/xanatemedia/2012/06/20/this-week-in-digital-media-with-kathy-koller