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I picked up this quote from a new twitter follower    Katie Herman  @artfoodtravel

“But for most people, true creativity is pretty scary. It demands things of you. I requires attention and sacrifice. Think how much easier it is to take a regular nine-to-five job, do the things most people take for granted: spending the evening watching TV, sleeping through the night without waking up to scribble or sketch or check on the progress of something drying in the studio. Think of that, and then think about how flat your life would be. Creativity, if it holds you in its thrall, is worth every sacrifice, every risk, every moment of looking at life from a slightly different perspective from your family and friends and neighbors. It is, in short, life itself.”

This is a good way to start your day. As John Lennon used to say. “All cannot be Happy Chocolate”  And as  a therapist (Phil Stutz) of some note used to tell me, “Embrace the chaos, welcome the problems, the angst, the heartache.” This is what makes you stronger and able to be a fully integrated human.