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Artwork by Lon Levin

I’m exploring every way I can to monetize my art. This is a challenge that I am prepared to take and one I welcome. I believe it’s an artist responsibility to do this. Not out of egotism but because we all feel we have something to offer and others may be inspired or benefit from our work.

So, this morning I discovered a post from 2010 from Escape From Illustration Island. It’s called 15 Places To Sell Your Work Online. I found it interesting so I’m passing it along before I explore all the information contained in the article. This is a good site with a lot of great information so I suggest you check it out. I’m going to spend some time reviewing the information and if there’s anything that jumps out at me I’ll report back. In the meantime, stay focused on your goals and I will too.

The link  http://escapefromillustrationisland.com/2010/02/12/15-places-to-sell-your-work-online/