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Do you feel like you’re hammering away at your career like the fellow above? At times I do, and then your inner critique starts to play with your mind telling you (he or she) knew along along you didn’t have enough goods to seal the deal or you can’t compete? Well look it’s a load of crap. I’ve been there and the only way to succeed is push thru it. We all know how good we really are and the way to silence this inner critic is to see it for what it is. Try this, write down those negative thoughts and test out and see whether anyone thinks the same way your inner critic thinks. My guess is people will have a better opinion about what you do than you do. Embrace that and use it as a tool to reach your goals. No one is immune to the inner critic but some people know how to cope with it better and so they have more confidence about selling themselves. If that’s you great, if you are not that person act like you are and let the inner critic prattle on while you push ahead. After a few successes you will become that person.