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Margaret Timmers’s new book “A Century of Olympics Posters,” published by the Victoria & Albert Museum in conjunction with their exhibition “A Call to the Games: Olympic Posters” (currently on view at the National Sports Museum in Melbourne) brings together some of the best artwork and poster design of the twentieth century.

The flavor and feel of the Olympics is somewhat defined by the graphics and the artwork that promotes it. Now more than ever the “branding” of the Olympics is just as important as the performances. In a way for an entity like NBC it’s more important. Especially since here in America we are seeing tape delays. The graphics become more important in their package. It needs to stimulate and give the viewer added value.
The posters above harken back to a day when the define of the Olympics was centered on the posters and the graphics that were local to the venue as TV was not a factor. So take a look at a slice of Olympic art from yesteryear.