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Interview with Posey Simmonds about Flaubert is pretty interesting if you got ten minutes to spare.

Rosemary Elizabeth “Posy” Simmonds studied fine art at the Sorbonne in Paris and graphic design at the Central School in London. In 1969, she began her first daily cartoon feature ‘Bear’ in The Sun. In 1972 she moved to The Guardian as an illustrator. In 1977, she recalled one of her childhood favorites ‘The Silent Three’, originally drawn by Evelyn Flinders in the 1950s. In 1981 Simmonds produced the original graphic novel ‘True Love’. Besides making short satirical strips, she also made a free interpretation of the Flaubert novel ‘Madame Bovary’ for The Guardian in 1999, called ‘Gemma Bovery’. She is also the author and illustrator the children’s books ‘Lulu and the Flying Babies’ and ‘Fred’, whose film version was nominated for an Oscar. In 2005 she made another reworking of a 19th century novel, this time ‘Tamara Drewe’, which is based on the Thomas Hardy book ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’.