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Click here for Matt Gaser Interview

For those of you who missed our radio show with Matt Gaser here is the link to hear him talk about his work and his life as an artist. Fascinating stuff!

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Matt Gaser is a concept artist currently working for Lucasfilm Animation on the new Star Wars CG television series.

He was Senior Concept Artist for Stormfront Studios on their recent game Forgotten Realms Dreamstone. Prior to that he was Concept Artist on their game for The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers.

He started out with an interest in animation when, in high school, he was appointed California Art Scholar and had the opportunity to attend a summer art seminar in traditional animation at Cal Arts. He majored in Illustration as Art Center College of Design and went on to intern at Klasky Group (Rugrats).

Amid his professional work, Gaser finds time to work on his own projects, including a GC short film and two children’s books. You will also find in his galleries, that he keeps up with figure drawing and finds time to sketch and doodle.

Gaser works primarily digitally, but his images have a nice feeling of paint surface and materials. He has a terrific sense of color and a wonderful command of lighting as a theatrical device for creating focus within a composition. He knows how to control your eye and make a small area of an image snap into clear relief as a focal point.

In the Projects gallery, you’ll find some his work for the Dreamstone project. As with many concept artists, however, I find myself most drawn to the work in his Personal section, where he has been able to let his considerably fertile imagination run free, with delightful results.

When left to his own devices, Gaser creates bizarre landscapes populated with offbeat characters that make you want to know more about the “story”, even if there isn’t one.