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I was thinking about the Republican convention and now the thought of Mitt Romney (the Ken Doll Robot) and this image is what came out of it.

And I found this amusing tidbit from The Hill website
On its website’s masthead, Herobuilders declares itself “The Last American Toy Company.”

Emil Vicale’s (Innovator and product designer)  latest venture are large-jawed robotic heads of President Obama and Romney that can replace the heads on the classic Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots toy. The mechanical boxing game, originally introduced by Marx Toys in 1965, challenges players to clobber each other’s robot and force its head to pop up in defeat. The robots are now sold by Mattel.

“Politics is always a battle, but this toy levels the playing field. It allows you to beat up someone much bigger and more powerful than you, which you can’t do in the real world,” Vicale says.

Both the Romneybot and Obamabot heads are portrayed in their natural skin tones and not the corresponding Republican red and Democratic blue. Vicale said the prototype heads looked too creepy in primary colors, making Romney seem like the Devil and Obama an alien from the movie “Avatar.”

Although Romney has been widely parodied as a robot this presidential campaign, the metaphor is entirely coincidental for Vicale.