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TERRY Collier's Robotropolis

I am hunting down all the robot artists I can and I am showcasing their work. There’s something very compelling about how each artist interprets the concept of robots. So far despite the fact that modern robots bear no resemblance to what we remember from our childhoods, artists still create them as if we were all in a time lock around 1955-60. I assume the charm, of robots as humanoids that are silly looking makes them more palatable to us than the cold and no humanoid type robots that are in operation today.

Vancouver resident Terry Collier has taken his fascination with the toy robots of the 50’s and 60’s and created an amazing array of Robot sculpture. Terry strives to add personalities to each robot and includes as many generations of technology as possible – vacuum tubes to micro chips. Most of the components come from flea markets, thrift stores, and cast-off technology he finds around town. “As I pulled apart countless old clocks, radios and TV’s looking for interesting parts, I started to notice how similar the fractal like complexity and patterns I see in nature, so closely resemble many of the patterns I see in circuit boards and other electronics…”

I love Terry’s integration of sculpture and photography and the strange reality he’s created of an alternative world than is inhabited by these lovable clunky contraptions from our innocent pasts.