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Recently I’ve been sketching robots out of my head. I have no explanation about why but I do remember I once built a robot for a science project in grade school. I made it out of cans. My mother helped me assemble it. It didn’t work but it was symbolic of what I thought the future was at the time. Fast forward.

After sketching some of my robots I decided to hunt for other like minded artists thinking perhaps there’s link between us, possibly like the link in Steven Speilberg’s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Like Richard Dreyfus the main character of the film who is psychically linked to others creating the same image of Devils Tower, I am seeking those that see the future in robotics. robotMine like many of the artists are odd and organic and bear little resemblance to reality but…here’s the big but they have humanity and human qualities which make them lovable. So this is the first of the artists I’ve found who delves into the realm of robots.

Bruce Gray is a sculptor and artist from Los Angeles. His work includes kinetic art, rolling ball machines, mobiles, giant objects, abstract paintings, magnetic sculptures, functional art, modern metal sculptures, and more. His work has been featured at many museums, art galleries, in over 30 books, and countless times on TV and in movies.