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You only have to look at Billy Tackett’s website to see how demented…I mean enlightened  an artist from Kentucky can get.
Tackett’s wry humor and his deft handling of undead imagery is obvious from the get go. From Uncle Sam Wants Your Brains to Debbie Does Zombies Tackett throws our popluar culture into a mixmaster and spits out biting imagery and acute statements about the media cultue we live in. And apparently fans cannot get enough.

With humble beginnings in rural KY, award winning artist Billy Tackett freelanced tirelessly for 12 years to receive international recognition as an accomplished artist and illustrator.  His numerous works include fine art paintings, portraits, and various other commercial illustrations.  His work has been seen on National Geographic Channel and showcased in publications such as Horrorhound Magazine, ImagineFX and Harper-Collins’ Vampire Art Now. His client list includes authors Shane Moore, Curt Siodmak, Richard Lupoff and Jonathan Maberry, pro wrestler Jerry Lynn and death-rap musician Necro.

After publishing over 200 book covers he created his signature piece, Zombie Sam, which gave birth to his Dead White & Blue series and has amassed a loyal fan base that transcends all genres and stereotypes.

In addition to creating art in his studio he also attends over 20 events per year, most by invitation as Artist Guest of Honor, and has launched a line of apparel and merchandise featuring his art. His art book, For The Love Of Monsters, is out now and his graphic novel, Dead White & Blue Comics was released in 2011.

Avoid visiting www.BillyTackett.com if you suffer from heart problems, weak stomach,fear of the dark or a shortness of a sense of humor.