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Mark Ho  has taken an interesting path and done a lot of learning in a short time to create his art pieces. He shows much promise to move into new and even more creative areas with his work. His first artwork, ZOHO Artform 1 took over six years to create. The use of hard, shiny and decidedly “non-human” materials to replicate the delicate and subtle movement of human body presents an interesting contrast, and the actual execution is stunningly done.

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About the craftsman…

Mark Ho is from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He got his early training in film making as a director and script writer. During his second year at the academy he worked on an animation project that required the building of a puppet that was capable of many movements. He designed and built the puppet in metal and learned much about working with the materials. The project also got him started thinking about making the “ultimate puppet” that could duplicate the grace and range of human movement.

As he continued to work in film he found it wasn’t really what he wanted to do. Mark notes, “I finished my study and doubted my future as a director or scriptwriter. I learned that I like to work alone and to have total control. In the film industry you are dependent on crew, budget, producers etc. I decided to learn everything about metalwork. When I work with metal creating something from a to z, making even the tools myself, it is the ultimate work for me. It is a beautiful mix of precision, patience, skill and designing, and also that feeling to give shape to a material like metal.”