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Truer words have never been uttered. After witnessing several debates including Obama’s debacle the other night you realize how easy the public can turn on you even when the opposition lies to their faces time after time. After watching the disgusting mess of a republican debate off we the public are now left with the growing possibility that a candidate so out of touch with reality could be our next president. After gaffs and missteps that a high school  candidate for student body president wouldn’t make Romney (gasp) is gaining ground. I haven’t been this bothered by a potential president since Nixon. Those of us who witnessed “Tricky Dick” and suffered through his administration remember with too well how he almost brought this country to a revolution with lies and schemes Rpmney could never even imagine. So the words of George Carlin, a brilliant satirist are as try today as they ever were and probably remain so long after we are all gone.