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In my new position as President of BTS Communications I’ve come in contact with many terrific people who have heroic stories of addiction and rehabilitation after their stay at Beit T’ Shuvah’s renowned recovery center, the parent company of our agency. Aside from leading the creative output I am constantly engaged with interns learning about all forms of creative so that when their time is over at the design firm they will be well prepared to show their work to a potential employer. As part of that effort our team of designers, media and copywriters are working on a campaign conveying  Beit T’ Shuvah’s involvement in the LA Marathon.

Yesterday Justin Rosenberg and I went to a radio studio near the airport to record and shoot three members of the Beit T’Shuvah Marathon Team as they were interviewed by renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Levi Harrison on his weekly radio show. The personal stories that were conveyed by Ryan Bilvas, Shy Blakeney and Gini Sullivan during the show were compelling and enlightening. Factor into that the fact that Gini and Ryan are running in the marathon and you realize how far they’ve come in their own journeys. To listen to the show go to LA Talk Live and click on the October 10th edition.

Team Beit T’Shuvah is back for its 4th year in a row as an official participating LA Marathon charity and could not be more pumped! They are welcoming both new and returning members to our team and looking forward to another successful year. It is their goal to help facilitate a positive, life-enhancing experience for every member on their team and are committed to doing all that they can to make that happen. By running with Team Beit T’Shuvah you can help raise funds to help people recover from addictive and behavioral disorders, recover their passion and discover their purpose. Join ther team and help them Run to Save a Soul at the 2013 LA Marathon. For more information visit www.beittshuvah.org/marathon