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When we start out in life our journey is before us. Like the little girl in this photo we have everything to look forward to. As life goes on our experiences take us on a roller coaster ride that sometimes leads us in a directions we didn’t forsee. For some people changing is more difficult than others but we all must change and evolve,  to take control of the direction we move to thought has to be given as to the consequences of our actions. I found this blog of Mark Susnow’s which addresses this issue so I’m reblogging it. I hope it provides you some perspective about change.
by Mark Susnow
As a life coach I have heard almost every excuse that there is. The number one excuse is “Someday when the circumstances are different I’ll do it.” That someday has many variations of the same theme that use slightly different words. It might sound something like this:
When I graduate.
When the economy picks up.
When I meet the one.
When I get divorced.
When I get some money.
When I retire.
When I have more time

And it goes on. What do all of these excuses have in common? It is the belief that different circumstances that might occur in the future, will provide the missing link in our lives… but it doesn’t work that way because when that future arrives, there will be more excuses. They’re similar but slightly different. There will always be new variations on the same theme.

Putting off enjoyment of life and waiting to do what you really want to do is an unhealthy habit. There will always be reasons not to do something or to start something new. There is no virtue is sitting on the river bank and watching the river of life flow by without you.

You know what I’m getting at…you need to make a decision rather than making an excuse and decide whether you really want to do something. If you do, then come up with a plan. Then take the first step toward implementing that plan. It can be a little step. It’s like anything that you learn. That first step might be challenging at first but then it becomes second nature. But you have to work it to get there. And then you’re ready for the next level.

The only perfect time to get on the positive side of change is NOW.